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Founded in Portugal, CHABAS is a startup dedicated to the digital transformation of businesses, specializing in dematerialization, document management, and process automation. Our goal is to reinvent how businesses operate, promoting a more agile, sustainable, and efficient work environment.

At CHABAS, we understand that digital transformation is crucial for optimizing business operations, reducing environmental impact, and creating lasting value. We offer personalized solutions that range from process automation to advanced document management and custom software development, ensuring solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our team of technology experts works closely with clients from initial analysis to full implementation, ensuring an effective transition to digital business practices.

Discover how CHABAS can transform your business with sustainable and efficient digital solutions, elevating your company to a new level of operational effectiveness.

Why choose CHABAS as your business partner?

Digital Business?

Are you on the path of digital transformation and looking for the right partner?
CHABAS is the answer! AOur digital transformation solutions excel in efficiency and effectiveness, ready to upgrade your business.

Environmentally Friendly Companies

Sustainability is in our DNA With our dematerialization services, we help reduce paper usage. CHABAS is the digital partner for companies with a green heart.

Innovative Companies and Startups

Innovation is our game, and we love to play. At CHABAS, we breathe innovation at every step. If you are ahead of your time, we have the solution you are looking for!

Sectors with Complex Processes

Facing dilemmas with intricate workflows or tons of paperwork? Leave that to CHABAS! Our automation and document management solutions are your answer. Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and embrace compliance.

Need for Custom Software

At CHABAS, customization is our middle name. Transactional platforms, mobile applications, gamification - whatever you need, we develop!

Your business growth is our commitment.

Choosing CHABAS means choosing a strategic partner in your digital journey. We understand your unique needs.

Get comprehensive digital transformation, customized solutions, a commitment to sustainability, and a sharp focus on innovation.


Solidity in quality partnerships is a guarantee of success and stronger, sustainable long-term businesses.

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