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Your Document Management solution for the Projects Department
CHABAS powered by Filedoc

Optimize the way your Projects Department handles documentation and work processes

ProjectFlow is a specific adaptation of the reliable Filedoc system, designed to maximize efficiency in project document management.

With our solution, you can digitize, organize, and easily access your project documents, automating project management processes.

5 Main Features of ProjectFlow

Document Scanning

Converts all your physical documents into digital formats for easy access and retrieval.

Workflow Automation

Automate project processes such as approvals, document routing, reminders, and more.

Document Security

Protects your documents with stringent access controls, regular backups, and enterprise-level security measures.

Document Management

Organize all your project documents efficiently.

Team Collaboration

Facilitate team collaboration with document sharing and communication features.

Benefits of ProjectFlow

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CHABAS powered by Filedoc
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