The Document Management and Workflow Solution tailored to the needs of each department of your Company

Our solution offers a range of integrated solutions, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of each department in your company

Increase productivity, improve efficiency, and accelerate business processes with our document management and workflow solutions

Main Features of Document Management

An integrated Document Management and Workflow solution that combines the functionalities of archiving, managing the entire lifecycle of documents.

Gestão Documental CHABAS

Solutions Section

Explore our range of departmentalized solutions that provide a specific approach for each department, allowing precise adaptation of functionalities to meet the unique needs of each sector.


Fully Customizable
Adapt the document management and workflows to your unique needs

100% Customizable


Specialized in Proposal and Contract Management
Improve the efficiency of your sales department


Designed for Contract and Litigation Management
Make legal management more efficient


Designed for Expense and Receipt Management
Simplify expense and receipt management with


Adapted for Case Management
Increase the efficiency of your administrative department


Ideal for Project Document Management
Foster collaboration and organization in your project department


Optimized for Purchase and Invoice Management
Boost the productivity of your finance department


Perfect for Meeting and KPI Management
Facilitate strategic decision-making


Adapted for Quality Assurance Management
Maintain the high quality of your processes


Tailor-made for Human Resources Management
Simplify Human Resources Management

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