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Accelerating document management and workflows in your Sales department
CHABAS powered by Filedoc

Automate and organize the work processes of your Sales department with our custom solution

ComercialFlow is a customized configuration of our Filedoc system, created to optimize and integrate the operations of your Sales department.

It provides an intuitive and secure platform for document management and workflow creation, facilitating the organization, tracking, and security of your department’s documents.

5 Key Features of ComercialFlow

Document Management

Centralize and organize all the documents necessary for your Commercial department operations.

Tracking and Auditing

Keep a detailed track of all documents and workflow activities to ensure compliance and readiness for audits.

Document Security

Ensure the security of your documents with our platform, which features advanced access control, backup, and encryption capabilities.

Workflow Automation

Create and manage automated workflows to streamline processes such as document approvals, reviews, routing, and more.

Reports and Analysis

Access detailed reports and data insights to aid in informed decision-making and continuous process improvement.

Benefits of ComercialFlow

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CHABAS powered by Filedoc
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