Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page, where we unveil essential information about our departmentalized approach to customized workflow solutions. Discover how nomenclatures like QualityFlow, PurchaseFlow, and others can transform efficiency in every sector of your company.

We chose Filedoc software as the working base due to its robustness and comprehensive features.

Filedoc offers customization flexibility, high integration capability, and in conjunction with Chabas expertise, we can precisely tailor these functionalities to meet the operations of each department within our clients’ organizations. This empowers us to create personalized solutions that cater to each sector’s unique needs, enabling our clients to achieve maximum efficiency in their workflow.

Chabas’ customized document and workflow management solutions are specific approaches designed to optimize internal processes across different departments within your company.

Our solutions can enhance efficiency, reduce processing time, minimize setup and training days, and provide more organized and transparent workflows for various departments.

Each solution is tailored to meet the needs of a specific department, offering workflows, documents, and processes aligned with their daily tasks.

Yes, the solutions are highly customizable to seamlessly align with your company’s operations and unique requirements.

A variety of departments such as Quality, Purchasing, Projects, and more can benefit from these personalized solutions to optimize their workflows. It’s up to your discretion to indicate in which department or departments, or for what purpose you’d like to use our solution.

Yes, Filedoc’s solution already provides a set of integration APIs that can be evaluated for integrating with your existing systems.

Departmentalized solutions offer a specific approach for each department, allowing precise adaptation of functionalities to address each sector’s unique needs.

Yes, FileDoc is accessible from mobile devices, allowing you to manage your workflows from anywhere. Additionally, there’s also a dedicated application available on the Google Store or Apple Store for this purpose.

FileDoc offers advanced security features, including data encryption and access control, to safeguard your documents and confidential information.

Yes, the FileDoc solution offers installation flexibility, enabling you to choose between on-premise or cloud deployment based on your preferences and requirements.

Contact Chabas’ team through the contact form to schedule an initial meeting and discover how these solutions can effectively be applied across different departments of your company.

Chabas is a certified partner of Filedoc and has extensive experience in implementing custom solutions in various companies, assisting them in enhancing their internal processes.

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